MU x9999

InGame Drop : Invasions

1. Gorgon - Ice Queen - Balrog - Red Dragon - Hydra - Death King - Zaikan - Metal Balrog

- Seed Sphere [Step: 5]
- Guardian Enhanced Stone
- Elite Enhanced Stone
- Pentagrams Lv.300
- Condor's Flame
- Condor Feather
- Lapidary Stone

2. Elite Monster Invasion drop:

Seed Sphere [Step: 5]Guardian Enhanced Stone
Jewel of Dark BlessElite Enhanced Stone
Jewel of Dark SoulTempest Stone Box
Jewel of Dark LifeTempest Muun Box
4th Wing Voucher4th Wings Relic
Artifact FragmentSeal of Ur
Blessed Decoration Ring (VIP)Worn Horseshoe (VIP)
Goat Figurine (VIP)Ring of GM (VIP)



Posted 28-07-2023