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How to Farm Ruud?

Where to Farm Ruud in this Server?
1. Reset & Grand Resets:
- Receive Ruud every Reset.
- Receive 250.000 Ruud every GR.

< 99  Reset1,000 Ruud each Reset
100+ Reset2,000 Ruud each Reset
200+ Reset3,000 Ruud each Reset
300+ Reset4,000 Ruud each Reset
400+ Reset5,000 Ruud each Reset

2. Events:
Every Event give you Ruud.
Specific amount and different prizes in normal Events.

Blood CastleGet 1 ~ 6 Mastery Box depend on Floor
Devil SquareGet 1 ~ 6 Mastery Box depend on Floor
Double GoerGet 1 ~ 6 Mastery Box depend on Floor
Chaos CastleGet 1 ~ 6 Mastery Box depend on Floor
Varka EventGet 1 ~ 6 Mastery Box depend on Floor

Box drop:

Mastery Box (Minor)500 ~ 1,000 Ruud
Mastery Box (Standard)1,500 ~ 2,000 Ruud
Mastery Box (Greater)2,000 ~ 2,500 Ruud

2. Invasions:

Ice Queen500 Ruud
Balrog500 Ruud
Hydra500 Ruud
Gorgon500 Ruud
Red Dragon500 Ruud
Skeleton King500 Ruud
Metal Balrog500 Ruud
Undine500 Ruud
Snakes500 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Abyss of Atlans 310,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Scorched Canyon10,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Red Smoke Icarus12,500 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Arenil Temple12,500 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Ashen Aida15,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Blaze Kethotum20,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Kanturu Undergrounds25,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Ignis Volcano30,000 Ruud
(Elite Invasion) Bloody Tarkan35,000 Ruud
Illusion Boss Battle50,000 Ruud

3. Boss drop:

Maya Hand250 Ruud
Nightmare5.000 Ruud
Dark Elf1,000 Ruud
Balgass15,000 Ruud
Kundun6500 Ruud
Kundun73,000 Ruud
Erohim3,000 Ruud
Medusa3,000 Ruud
Selupan2,500 Ruud
Lord Silvester5,000 Ruud
Core Magriffy5,000 Ruud
Lord of Ferea7,500 Ruud
Knicks7,500 Ruud
Deep Gorgon57,500 Ruud
God of Darkness10,000 Ruud



Posted 28-07-2023