MU x9999

Change Resolution Settings

1. Resolution with Game Launcher:

1 - Go to the Game Client Full.
2 - Open Game Launcher.
3 - Click on Settings.
4 - Choose your resolution.

2. Settings files: Open LauncherOption.if

- DevModeIndex:
*Try all the 7 different resolutions, because is not always same resolution in different computer screens!
- WindowMode: 0 is Disable - 1 is Enable

DevModeIndexGame resolutions
0Near to 800x600 
1Near to 1024x768 
2Near to 1152x900 
3Near to 1280x720 
4Near to 1280x800
5Near to 1280x920 
6Near to 1440x900
7Near to 1680x1050
8Near to 1920x1080
9Near to 2560x1080



Posted 28-07-2023